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VIROBO joint – stock company was established by the founders who are interested in science and technology. Its shareholders are graduate students of Hanoi University of Technology who have many achievements, such as the 3rd pride of Robocon Award 2017. Acordingly Industry 4.0 general trends, we who leads with our youthful energy, enthusiasm, breakthrough consciousness, has applied technology into creativity, robot manufacturing, which provide a safety, comfortable and civilized life for humans. On this basis, make a positive, useful and effective connection environment for all social activities. VIROBO’s desire and target will contribute to enhance Vietnam’s position in the international arena.

Products / Services:Robot Caption Eye is an innovative product manufactured by Virobo Corporation, it is pioneer for industry 4.0 with a combination of technology for anti- myopia and kyphosis. Its help parents to observe their children from a distance, remote monitoring, schedule, remind about study schedule in the most natural way.
Robot Caption Eye have below utilities:
– Apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology;
– Bluetooth, wifi connection with smartphone;
– Measure distance, motion recognition with ultrasonic sensors;
– Integrated audio, voice;
– Statistics, reports, control on Smart phone;
– Communication technology community, social interaction;
– Set up, remind schedule, study time, break time;
– Automatic reminder to sit correctly.
Caption Eye use ABS plastic composite, safe for health and environmentally friendly. Captain Eye detects wrong posture by continuously measuring the distance between the eye and the table surface, identifying movements by ultrasonic sensors and visual, auditory and visual reminders. As a helpful friend, help the child sit properly posture to prevent myopia and spine disease (humpback).
Captain Eye connects bluetooth, wifi to the parents’ Smartphone, so they can remotely set up schedules, classes, subjects, and other habits which they want. When a child is wrong posture or make faulty, Captain Eye will automatically remind them with pictures, sounds, children will take initiative, self-corrected, corrected. The process is continuous, daily and gradually children will form good habits, help children confidently in the future.
Through the Smartphone application, parents can fully understand the health status, self-education and habits of children through charts and analysis reports. You can also consult expert opinions by connecting to social networking. From that, parents have the right solutions. With Captain Eye parents can be assured not to be with their children, have the time to improve the quality of life, avoid unnecessary family conflicts related to the learning of children.