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Address: No.1 Tran Huu Duc, My Dinh 2, Tu Liem, Hanoi

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The first company to break the monopoly in Vietnam’s telecom sector
The most powerful brand in Vietnam’s ICT industry as voted by consumers
Biggest provider of mobile services in Vietnam and one of the fastest growing mobile service providers in the world (according to Wireless Intelligence magazine in 2011).
Top 30 largest telecom companies in the world (GSMA Intelligence in 2016)
In 2017, Viettel is recognized as the most valuable Enterprise with the highest brand value of USD 2.6 billion (according to Brand Finance, a world-leading independent branded business valuation consultancy firm)
Vietnam’s first telecom enterprise to invest abroad
No 1 in mobile services in Viet Nam with 65,000,000 customers.

Products / Services Highlights:
Domestic Telecommunication
To promote and put telecom services, IT and smart devices into every corner of life.
Prioritized fields: E-Government; Education, Healthcare and E-Finance; Entertainment, etc.
International Telecommunication
To orient to become one of the 10 biggest multi-national telecom enterprises in the world.
Research and Development
To become one of the biggest telecom and electronic equipment design and manufacture center in the region, and to play key and crucial role to develop the high-tech equipment manufacturing sector of the country.
To master the core technology.
Network Security
To establish a secure and reliable cyberspace with open connection.
Other fields
Postal Services, Design and Construction, Trading, Export and Import, Printing, and IDC, etc. Our goal is to be in the Top 5 of these fields.
Viettel Sets A New Record Of Its Growth In Myanmar

Mytel reached 3 million customers after its 3-month operation, its customers of 4G services amounted to more than 70%. Viettel’s market came fruitful thanks to supplying the ecosystem of telecommunication products for businesses.

According to information from Viettel Global, Mytel – Viettel’s brand in Myanmar reached the milestone of 3 million customers after 3 months of its launch.

Prior to launching Mytel, the target Viettel Global ambitiously set is to reach 2-3 million customers in 2018. After only one month of its launch, however, this target has been changed to 4 million customers in 2018 and Mytel is expected to be profitable by the end of 2019. Among Mytel’s more than 3 million active customers, there are more than 70% of customers using 4G services; This is also the record of Viettel’s global markets.

According to results from a survey on new mobile markets held in Myanmar, there are more than 90% of the respondents most impressed with Mytel operator. In addition, 94% of respondents said they know that Mytel is the fourth operator in Myanmar and was from Vietnam.

That the 3-million milestone of customers after 3 months of opening in Myanmar is thanks to the close cooperation, unification of the company’s objectives and development strategy between Viettel and Myanmar shareholders, said Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam, General Director of Mytel. Moreover, this achievement is accompanied by the positive results originating from the provision of telecommunications product ecosystems for businesses.

The total value of contracts from corporate customers, only after one month of launch, amounted to more than $2.4 million and 30,000 mobile subscribers. At this rate, Mytel is expected to reach 200,000 mobile subscribers from businesses by the end of 2018. This is also a record number because, for a newly-established telecommunications network, they are often in need of focusing entirely on individual customers.

In Myanmar, Mytel is the only telecommunications company that can provide a complete package of mobile, fixed line, transmission line and IT services nationwide.

The rapid acquisition of large number of customers from the corporate sector is thanks to the strategy of carefully preparing the infrastructure, apparatus and services for the corporate market nationwide before the launch. In addition, Mytel has achieved great advantage thanks to the rapid cooperation with many major distributors, especially Skynet, the largest television provider in Myanmar. With more than 400 agents, 130,000 selling points and more than 1 million customers nationwide, Skynet is a great opportunity for Mytel in 2018 and in the future.

It seems to be said that among Viettel’s 10 international markets, Myanmar is the largest and highest expected market in 2018 in terms of growth although in the beginning of operation, due to high cost and depreciation, Mytel’s planned loss will have effect over Viettel Global’s earnings. However, with its milestone of 3 million customers in Myanmar, Viettel has reached a new record for growth in subscriber growth. In Vietnam, it takes Viettel more than 18 months to reach 3 million customers and this is also the historical growth rate in the telecom industry in 2006. Mytel’s growth rate is also unique and it is so hard for any mobile firm in the world to achieve in the context of a slowdown in the global telecommunication market. It is expected that Mytel will be profitable soon and is a significant contributor to Viettel Global’s earnings in the future.