Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications
Group (VNPT)

Address: VNPT Building, 57 Huynh Thuc Khang Str., Lang Ha Ward, Dong Da District, Ha Noi

Phone:  84-24 3 774 1091

Fax: 84-24 3 774 1093


Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group – VNPT is the first ever provider of Postal and telecommunications services in Vietnam and is a dominant state-owned enterprise of the country. VNPT plays a key role in developing Vietnam’s Telecom & IT sector, and is rated among top ten largest enterprises of Vietnam.
With Professionalism, Dynamism and Creativeness, VNPT has made relentless efforts to reach out to the world, catch up with the trend of modern technologies and services, be capable of competing with large ICT enterprises as stated in the vision of VNPT “Number 1 in Vietnam, on par with the world’s best”.
From an operator with the separation between business and technical activities, VNPT has restructured its organization and operation with the convergence of management and provision of services in line with the value chain under the three-layers model: Infrastructure – Service – Business.
VNPT owns a modern telecommunications network infrastructure deployed extensively all over the country with direct connections to more than 240 countries around the world through optical fiber cable systems on land, submarine cables and satellite systems Vinasat 1 & 2, meeting the highest requirements of customers and national information security.
VNPT has 31.1 million mobile subscribers, 3.1 million fixed subscribers, 4.6 million broadband Internet subscribers, VNPT has the largest share of broadband Internet market in Vietnam.

Products / Services Highlights:

SCP Solution – Smart Connected Platform is a comprehensive technology solution for Internet of Things tailored from Cloud computing, Edge/ Fog computing and other advanced technologies. It has been designed and developed by VNPT Technology to let you connect IoT devices, things and assets to the internet and to collect and manage these on a single platform. SCP also allows you to build and distribute IoT Applications. SCP can help make this process quicker and more effective and save you both time and money. SCP supports different vertical industries such as Connected Transportation, Connected Health, Connected City, Connected Home, Connected Agriculture, Connected Industry, Connected Energy, and many more.
SCP is deployed using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. It allows developers to build IoT applications in a single platform. SCP is also customizable in IaaS, PaaS models or all-in-one packaging of OPM – On Premise which gives customers a complete end-to-end solution for any requirement.SCP connects Things via any data transmission technology ranging from short-range communication such as USB, MODBUS, RS232, RS485, RFID, Bluetooth, to long-range such as FTTx, FTTH, 3G, 4G. There are also dedicated technologies for IoT such as Sigfox, LoRa (unlicensed band) or NB-IoT, EC-GSM, LTE CatM1 (licensed band). There are a variety of options as long as the device is equipped with the Internet protocols that SCP supports.
Not only does SCP provide you with an effective and easy-to-use IoT platform, but we also work aggressively to host a highly diverse ecosystem of IoT devices from different vendors. A device must be certified to work on the SCP platform. Once a device is authenticated IoT developers can easily find devices that are compatible with their IoT applications for any vertical industry. There are plenty of ideas for IoT applications for vertical industries, ranging from very simple to highly complex. But we can’t build all of these alone. This is why SCP welcomes talented and professional IoT developers and IoT hardware vendors so that together we can build diverse IoT ecosystems for a connected world. Why not find out what SCP can do for you?
Connected Bus
Connected Bus is a comprehensive solution for bus system which improves the bus usage and enhances bus service quality. The Smartbus system helps Bus companies manage their buses instantly even in a large volume. Besides, the system also provides useful information to passengers and make public transportation become more friendly.
Connected Home
This sample IoT application was designed for connected houses to provide users with more effective control and monitoring. Users can make use of the application on smartphones as a remote control for household electronic devices such as lights, curtains and fans. Functions include automatically scheduling switching lights on and off, gathering temperature data, as well as humidity sensors. The application can also be used to secure the home through remote camera systems, and home intrusion detection
Connected Factory
This sample IoT application is designed to connect all processes within a factory to help supervise manufacturing, finished products and inventory. The application also helps to manage assets and machines in the factory such as lighting systems, fire alarm systems, production lines and import and export inventory. This is an open design which can add more features to meet the needs of a closed loop production process on any scale.
Connected Environment
Connected Environment solution connects specialized devices developed by VNPT Technology for air quaility monitoring and helps to do effective constant environmental monitoring.
Connected Logistics
Connected Logistics solution is built on Smart Connected Platform to support an entire logistics process and make it easier to track the status of parcels. The application is also adaptable for different industries.
Connected Agriculture
Connected Agriculture solution by VNPT Technology is built on Smart Connected Platform and it supports farmers, farm owners in the closed chain of smart and clean agriculture for organic foods, with highest quality and productivity
Connected Car
Connected Car solution connects your car through the in-vehicle gateway to any smartphone or tablet. Through us, your car will be connected anytime, anywhere and bring you the best experience of safety and comfort on your journey.


Born in the Revolution, growing up with the country and maturing over a half century in the telecommunications market, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) is the service provider that laid the first stone for the development of the Posts – Telecommunications sector in Vietnam. The group has also played an important role in bringing Vietnam into the top 10 nations with highest posts – telecommunications growth rate.
VNPT is providing telecommunications and information technology products and services:

  • Providing media products and services;
  • Providing site survey, consultancy, design, construction, installation, maintenance services for telecommunication, information technology and media buildings;
  • Manufacturing, importing, exporting, and supplying telecommunication, IT and media materials and equipment;
  • Operating in other felds under the Law