Pitech Co., Ltd

Address: 94 Nguyen Du street, ward 7, Go Vap district, HCMC

Phone:  1900633430

Website: https://pitech.asia

PITECH is a Vietnamese startup specializing in the complete identity and security technology which was first established in 2016. Our main mission is to research, develop and provide products with advanced technology capable of operating, managing human resources, maximizing big data using identity technology to apply to almost every social activity: industry, agriculture, services.

In harmony with the global technological trend in the 4th Industrial Revolution, Pitech – as one of the potential startups of the technology of “Internet Of Things” – has been actively participating in this IoT race with the passion of growing rapidly in Vietnam and reaching out to the world.

Developing personal identity technology and creating integrated technology in order to make full use of the big data that the above-mentioned technology has generated are among Pitech’s long-term objectives. By combining with other equipment systems, Pitech will create a complete IoT system for the following sectors: Human Resources Management, Office Security, Finance Management, Customer Data Management, Improvement of Service Performance…

Products / Services Highlights:

The mission of Pitech is to create a technology platform that enables businesses to: reduce personnel costs, improve work efficiency, secure office, closely manage staff and last but not least, maximize the data from customers.

The initial first identity technology of Pitech was integrated in a device named Pi which is a personal identity piece of technology enabling all other devices to recognize and process the data depending on each situation. First introduced to the market in July 2017, Pi is now ready to launch its first fully-upgraded version after removing the defects from its prototype. At the same time, the device is being continuously studied to be improved to version 3.

The identity technology of Pitech is formed by two main technology platforms: Multilevel Protection and Heartbeat Connection Technology. Featuring optimal security with multiple encrypted layers while being battery-saving, Pi is capable of handling a multitude of tasks, varying from applications for managing and improving businesses to highly-secured requirements such as replacing the ATM cards in banking systems.

The first step of Pitech is to create devices with built-in identity technology for household appliances to make consumers become more familiar with Pi, and to implement Pi for the first enterprises.


Starting from 03/07/2017, Pitech has implemented its first identity technology in HEAD Honda Viet Thai Quan in Ho Chi Minh City. With the integration of the PiEnable device in all vehicles sold, both the service of repairing and after-sales have been significantly improved by staff reductions, information retrieval and most importantly, improvement in customer experience as the time needed for information retrieval and guest waiting has been cut down dramatically. The removal of human element has helped the service sector at HEAD Viet Thai Quan, and in the near future, will be applied for other sectors of the company.

Additionally, Pitech has manufactured and sold two devices that use identity technology to help the consumers become more familiar with using Pi, including theft protection system and electric rolling door management system. Our business is still expanding and ensuring the solid development of Pitech’s future.