Address: Room 816, CT5 My dinh Song Da Sudico, Pham Hung Street, Tu Liem District, Ha Noi

Phone:  (+84) 19006129


Nextfarm is leading smart farm solution (digital farming) in Vietnam, we are the first Vietnamese company can integrate Smart Irrigation, Environment Monitoring and Digitize Farming Solution. And Nextfarm builds a platform using Machine Learning and AI to analyze sensor data and image processing to digitize agriculture data. Nextfarm’s dream is Vietnam Agriculture Automation is equal Isarel or Holland or Japan.

Products / Services Highlights:

Nextfarm Smart Farm provide 3 solutions can integrate into 1 system: Smart Irrigation, Environment Monitoring and Digitize Agriculture Data:
a. Nextfarm Smart Irrigation provides diverse smart irrigation solutions, digital farming and automated systems – for a range of agriculture, landscaping and mining applications.
b. Nextfarm Monitoring Solution get agriculture data environment from sensors like PH, EC, Temp, Humidity, CO2… and define output devives based at environment data by using smart phone.
c. Nextfarm Digitize Agriculture Data use Machine Learning Technology to analyze action and farming data to digitize agriculture data.


Nextfarm is the first Vietnamese smart farm solution release total smart farm solution by integrate smart irrigation, environment monitoring and digitize agriculture data into one system by apply Melon and Tomato by using machine learning to analyze farming data, Zigbee and Lora Protocol to transfer data from Sensor Node, Control Node to IoT Gateway, integrate IoT Gateway with HMI for automating smart irrigation system.