Mr. Sanjeev Ranjan

Mr. Sanjeev Ranjan

Director, Velocis System

Topic: Navigating your way through information jungle on the shop floor

I am an IT industry professional with about three decades of solutioning experience across key verticals. I work with Velocis System in India. In my capacity as a member of the Board of Directors of Velocis, my focus is on leading Digital Business for the company.
I first got involved in a case of consulting for Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) for a large plant in India, right around the start of my career, many years ago. But at that time we did not use the term smart manufacturing and there was no Industry 4.0.
Over past couple of year, with the advent of Industry 4.0, I have been focussing on evolving an approach to how the concept of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing would be practically initiated into the industry. It is early days for smart manufacturing and I am sure that when all professional like me working in this field put our minds together we would be able to evolve a widely acceptable model for Industry 4.0 Initiation.
By Basic education, I have a Graduate Degree in Theoretical Physics, followed by a PG in Management. More recently, I have completed 10 course specialization in Digital Manufacturing and Design of the State University of New York (thru distance education means).
I have published a few articles on Industry 4.0 and I plan to base my talk on one of my recent articles. The topic of the article is “Industry 4.0 – Navigating Your Way thru the Information Jungle”.

Topic: Navigating your way through information jungle on the shop floor
My talk on the above topic will cover the following aspects of the issues faced by production management on a current day shop-floor characterized by a wide variety of machinery, each having its own characteristics:

  • How the factories have come to use a Wide variety of machines
    This section deals with the description of the evolution of the factories over past many decades and their current position vis-vis the production facilities.
  • How this gives rise to an information Jungle.
    This section describes how these different kinds of machines having different capabilities for tracking, displaying and sharing the information required by the management. How these variance leads to a greater realization of the value of information and at the same time a greater appreciation of the lack of uniformity in the information availability.
  • The need for Production Management team to be abreast of the status and operational parameters of all machines in the factory.
    This section will deal with the value of having timely, comprehensive, and accurate information and how the same will help improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness in a factory. Also included in this section is the kind of production bottlenecks any lack of this information causes,
  • What would be an ideal situation from the Factory Management Perspective
    Here I talk about what would a factory manager want. What would help him to not merely conveniently and comprehensively monitor all the machines but also what information various functionaries in the factory at different levels of hierarchy would need to track. How would availability of such information help.
  • What is required to be get to that ideal situation, a description of the components making up the ideal situation.
    What is required to be done in order to make those wishes of the management come true. What all solution components, when put together would make for that desired solution, and what is the significance of each of those components.
  • What is the industry-wide availability of these components, and what Is the maturity level of the solutions available currently.

Are those components readily available? If so with what maturity level? Have those been tested on the ground? Where are they available? How are the investments justified?