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CONERA is company focusing on IoT and Automation solution. By having the talented core team of Data Scientist, Engineering and Developer, this new subsidiary CONERA will power the solutions of Digital Transformation which enable our customer to transform in Connected Era. We are focusing on Crowd Analytics, Internet of Things & Automation where AI and Big Data is the core.

Products / Services Highlights:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already having a significant impact on serveral industries, helping companies in digital transformation and moving beyond a focus on cost reduction. The IoT offers innovative smart solutions to meet these goals while revolutionizing traditional automation and management systems. We help enterprises communicate the value of projects to get the necessary buy-in and adoption to success with a wide of Smart Product provided: Smart wifi, Smart Building, Marketing Platform & CEM and Brand Management Platform.
Conera Smart Wi-Fi integrates best Location-Based Services to enable Wifi become smarter in recognized and cared customers. With 8.4 billion devices connected, Wifi now is the most popular communication method in the world. It also perfect infrastructure to connected devices in IoT environment. Our solution not only offers features of crowd analytics using advance AI, Big Data, but also creates an omni-channel experience that engages customer with personalized sales, promotions messages,. This cloud-based solution has 3 versions suitable for both Chain Store, Mall and Complex, updates real-time report with a variety of metrics. Smart Wi-fi is built with modern technology, especially Data Analysis & Business Intelligence and updated Wi-Fi standard to make itself as a complete solution.Smart Building or Building automation solutions integrate HVAC, lighting, energy, security, fire, vertical transportation, and conveyances into a single, unified interface. Conera works closely with our partner Iconics, a top global software developer of visualization, HMI, SCADA and energy to ensure a comprehensive solutions and make the most of the available resources of the enterprises. The software excels in building automation applications with visualization, trending, fault detection, analytics, and mobile access. Not only connecting devices and applicants, running a building need to be data-driven process. The enormous mass of data generated by building automation systems can be constantly monitored and analyzed to find on-going operational problems. By turning automation data analysis into actionable insights, building operators can be freed to focus on fixing problems, not was much time searching to find them.
Indoor/ Outdoor Mapping & Navigation. Conera offers advanced mapping and navigation solutions that builds interactive maps for both indoor and outdoor areas, across industries and venues types. By using iBeacon for indoor and GPS for outdoor, the map services of Conera available full functions of navigation for any complex areas. It also can be integrated with Mobile Apps to improve customer experiences as well as optimized the operation of complex areas.
Mobio is a comprehensive Digital Marketing & CEM Platform, enabling businesses to Engage Customers, Predict Behaviors, and Increase Sales. By leveraging AI, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Big Data, Machine Learning and algorithms which are continuously refined and optimized, Mobio’s digital marketing tools give you the ability to execute compelling campaigns that can reach any customer across any channel and deliver delightful personalized content, which guides casual guests through the marketing funnel faster. Additionally, with Mobio’s CEM solution, you can perform effective customer-centric strategies that not only make customers stay longer but also advocate on your behalf and expand relationship with you over time.

Digital Brand Management System (BMS) offers enterprises solution to promote brand awareness and ensure the brand is marketed effectively and efficiently, also measuring performance across every channel. The greatest challenge is to keep up with the steady brand innovation but stick to the basic roots of brand alignment. The software enables Marcom team to easily store digital assets like guidelines, images, design files, documents and other brand elements with rich metadata for better search and share capabilities.


In 2018, Conera becomes the Exclusive Partner of ICONICS in providing comprehensive range of IoT solutions in Vietnam, focusing on Building Automation and Energy Management solutions for a wide range of industries, such as CRE, Electric Utility, F&B, etc,. Through this partnership, Conera continues to expand our global network of distribution channels for businesses to achieve the goal of helping businesses in digital transformations, offers innovative smart solutions to meet these goals while revolutionizing traditional automation and management systems.