BMG Ami Technologies JSC

Address: 37b Nguyen Thong, Ward 7, Dist 3, HCMC

Telephone: 0287.301.0606


With the aim of using technology to connect and digitize resident information, BMG Ami has developed advanced software and hardware products based on revolutionary technology Blockchain, IoT, AI, … with real-time information update for service management that helps owners and the partners to provide the best services to their residents.
+ The startup business who won the first prize at TechFest 2017 startup contest organized by the Ministry of Science.
+ Selected as one of 60 Global Startups around the world to Receive Global Accelerator Program (GAP) Scholarships for Training at the MaGIC Startup Nursery in Kuala Lumpur.
+ The only VietNam representative to attend Digital Big Bang Thailand 2017. Invited to exhibit at RISE HongKong 2018 and Digital Big Bang Thailand 2018.
+ Featured on Forbes magazine as well as honored guest of many domestic and foreign technology conferences and forums.
+ Selected as one of 80 startups all over the world (over 1700 startups) to participate in K-Startup Grand Challenge 2018 in Korea.
+ Viet Nam 2018 Asean Rice Bowl Winners for Best IoT Startup and Best Business Automation Tool Startup.

Products / Services Highlights:

Ami Electricity (Smart Electric Meter)
The electricity meter with wifi-based features helps the homeowners / companies / household to control their electricity consumption daily, thereby plan for power savings, immediately solve electrical problems occurring and preventing electricity thieves.
Measure and display electrical power:
+ Update data every 2 minutes
+ Online indicators on smartphone (real time).
Detailed indicators: Voltage, current, Kwh consumption. Traditional electricity meter only records Kwh consumption
Monitor and use energy efficiently
Allows controlling multiple rooms or apartments
Analyze history of electricity consumption, compare with previous months to help balance the revenue-expenditure and prevent electricity thieves.
Analyze and compare power consumption of each device in the room
(Application of AI technology)
Voltage and current information are displayed as a chart to look up power consumption of the devices over a certain period of time.

Ami Fingerprint
Intelligent fingerprint access device, records and stores fingerprints remotely via internet connection.
With internet connection:
Register/Delete fingerprint remotely
Remote door open / Automatic door lock
Review check-in/check-out history
Store and synchronize fingerprints of users from one place to another in the system.
Fingerprint identification technology to prevent fake fingerprint.
Without internet:
Automatically switch to offline mode with full function like normal fingerprint lock.
Allows users to register new information through a master fingerprint (master fingerprint already available and synchronized before).
There is a backup power supply for power outages.
Notice when battery runs out, easy to replace new battery.
Automatically open when there is a fire.